Told You So

As I suspected back in October from the vitriolic reviews by Marilynne Robinson and Terry Eagleton, Richard Dawkin’s God Delusion is the most overrated book of the year. Here’s the list of the other overrated and underrated books (hat tip to Ed)

Addendum: Rake’s Progress on Murakami’s political involvement

I-keep-finding-great-stuff Addendum: Foer (as in Jonathan Safran fame) World Domination coming soon.



One Response to Told You So

  1. Miao says:

    I wanted to buy Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, so I decided to browse through it first – after reading a few pages I came to the conclusion that it is an overrated book, because all its arguments are not very convincing or cogent.Anyway, just passing by.

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