NYTBR Podcast Highlights w/ Sam Tanenhaus

Sam Tanenhaus on the efficacy of the New York Times Book Review:
“Welcome to our podcast, with the caveat that this sick crew long ago abandoned the illusion that we have any insight to offer or even have a clue what we’re talking about.”

The distorted-guitar quasi-punk theme song opening that tries so hard to be cool (lyrics: “I’m reading for the New York Times Book Review.” No, seriously.)

Rachael Donadio, on the sordid love affairs between writers at writers’ colonies:
“Yaddo is better for sex, but MacDowells is better for work.”

The “jokes” that are so obviously read from a script (perhaps some timing or emphasis might help?)

Rachael Donadio, on how former writers didn’t have writers’ colonies to motivate them:
“Doestoesky had the firing squad, not the writer’s camp.”

Edward Champion offers this advice: “Had I been the producer, I would have demanded that all the on air talent have a good glass of wine. Or perhaps I’d pass around a bong.”



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